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garage they are feverishly working toward a tight ted line. >> they are charging the batteries. these ones are not charged and we are not sure they hold enough charge for us. >> there are countless variables in lay. >> what bothers me is the radio shifted mode. >> and they have only one chance to get it right. >> we are building a cube set. it will launch into orbit in 2013. >> this science project will blast off an rocket and fly high above the earth. it's powered by sun, packs a tiny radio and three cameras. >> you will be able to request a picture of the earth and the next time the teite goes over this part of the earth it will take a picture and send it back to your phone. >> he's an app developer and a space nerve. when his app last time did so well he quit his day job and decided to go where no one has gone before. >> it's about doing something only big governments could do. >> the tiny satellite will orbit the earth seg pack tweets and pictures for people willing to pay a dollar for the privilege. >> this is code for high world so that's what i'm programming here. >> the
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1